Today’s approach for dealing with Lupus is a treatment of symptoms. Suppressing the immune system doesn’t sound like a great approach since your immune system is a vital system in your body to protect you against various infections. In this video, I provide a framework for understanding healing and resolving these health challenges, which is quite different from treating disease. Looking for root causes, and working at that level, brings about amazing health improvements!

You must start by asking the right questions. A very deep and thorough history is important for uncovering “triggers” for autoimmune activation. This means that there was an initial trigger that started the immune response in the first place. Documenting and observing the process that has led up to symptoms is quite interesting and insightful in developing a strategy for healing. My suggestion for most people in this situation is to “be excited that this will be the start of a new you!”

Additionally, what is imperative for solving this full body set of problems is being able to do the right testing. Most testing done today is for the purpose of placing a person on medication, which treats symptoms only. Critical and foundational to putting together a solution / strategy for healing and resolving these problems is discovering the root causes behind them.

– Dr. Augustine

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